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Born and raised in Texas, Jenni grew up on the sidelines of a football field shadowing her father as he coached young men to be the best versions of themselves on and off the field. And the discipline, purpose and heart on display by everyone around her those formative years shaped the views and solidified the stance she holds today: find your “Why” and the rest falls into place.

She enrolled in college right out of high school but left after a year to “find herself.” She found a husband instead. A few years later she would be widowed with a baby on the way, but this isn’t a story of tragedy. No, she got back into school determined to create a life of purpose for herself and new son.

After earning a BA in Literary Studies, Jenni was hired as a writer for a company whose mission she whole-heartedly believes in – developing today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders. She took that “Why” and evangelized the brand promise far and wide, creating trademarked tag lines along the way. She surrounded herself with smart people who helped her identify and utilize new and emerging technologies as well as fill her with good ol’ fashioned marketing and advertising sense.

Fast forward to now, and Jenni has accumulated vast experience across all marketing, communications and PR channels. A proven thought leader, she excels in vision casting, strategy and micro & macro motivation. She’s a creative thinker, master storyteller and assertive problem solver whose big picture ideas and attention to detail work in tandem to produce top-tier results and champion a customer centric mindset.

She finds purpose in her work – and that purpose is to help brands live out their promise and serve the greater good.

Jenni has two sons and resides in the Dallas area. And wouldn’t you know it? They both play football.

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